The Teva Landscaping promise.

Teva Landscaping has been in business since 2001, serving Montgomery County and surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed and insured company specializing in landscaping and hardscaping for residential and commercial properties. Our innovative design consultants bring fresh perspectives to our client’s vision to enhance their homes.

Teva Landscaping is here for all your property needs, from general property maintenance or large-scale outdoor transformations.

A few We statements that keep us going:

We always include the client’s ideas in envisioning a new or updated area.

We are a proven success in our field for over 20 years.

We understand the needs of both large scale community maintenance services and more modest sized private projects.

We pride ourselves on being progressive and innovative, always striving to fulfill the client’s needs by providing courteous, timely, and quality services.

Our Teva Landscaping team will do its best to make each environment and every outdoor space a distinctive classic statement.


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High quality service is our solution — let’s solve it together.